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Essential Rewards is an *amazing* value, but with so many products available, it can be intimidating. After the starter kit, what are some good next steps towards clean living? Here are some of my absolute favorite products that I can't imagine life without. 



  • Smells like magic and wonder. Seriously.
  • Emotional support oil, promoting feelings of confidence
  • Why you need it: This oil is seriously a game changer. I put it on all the time; smelling it takes me right to my happy place!


  • Clean up *all the things* with this one magic bottle!
  • This cleaner does it all so feel free to throw away those nasty, toxic cleaners and replace them with this gem! 
  • Why you need it: Smells great (UM, like thieves!), and leaves immune boosting plant power on your countertops, windows, mirrors, floors (literally you name it) instead of toxic chemicals!


diffuse it – roll it

  • Warm, inviting, fresh aroma.
  • Fights stinky smells and germs, purifies the air, and great on blemishes.
  • MY USES: Diffuse in my house after cooking a smelly meal, use it in my room spray to give some extra life to my linens, add a couple drops to cotton balls and put them in my gym shoes... 


  • Yummy, mellow aroma
  • Emotional support oil, aids relaxation and chill vibes.
  • Why you need it: Because life is cray. P+C is an oasis in a bottle and will always get me to sleep.


  • Delicious, antioxidant rich drink.
  • A supplement that helps with immune support, healthy body function, and fights off free radicals.
  • Why you need it: With all the toxic crap in our world, you need all the help you can get... Plus it's yummy!


diffuse it – roll it

  • Uplifting energetic smell.
  • Blend of 3 different eucalyptus oils. Supports respiration, congestion, and seasonal woes.
  • MY USES: Diffuse when the sniffles are coming on, rub it on my chest and breathe deeply.


  • Fizzy, tasty, super yummy drink.
  • Supplement for recovery, hydration, and  performance.
  • Why you need it: This supplement has helps my workouts during and after. A quicker recovery means back to the gym!


  • Moisturizing shave oil for all things you want smooth.
  • A little goes a long way with this bottle!
  • Why you need it: Not only does it give you a close shave, is great for your skin, AND it doubles as a hair serum AND makeup remover.